The Taste is Not Bitter

Some might call it bitter, maybe issues could be anger issues. But it’s only human nature to vent about things that make your stomach turn, cringe or you just feel like your being possessed by Satan  because your mad as hell.

This blog are for those who use to be single, to you are now in a blended relationship and blended family. And your feelings are valid and you are not alone.

Where do I begin 🤔. Well I have been in my relationship since 2012. I knew exactly what I was getting into. BUT I didn’t think about the 100x small print that requires you to actually use a scientific microscope.

I met my partner at a local gym. I was single, in the verge of losing my job, because at the time the United States was going into a recession. President Bush Jr. was our president at the time. Despite all that I feeling super sexy about myself because, I was losing weight and I was confident I can find another job real quick.

The status of my man friend at the time was. His relationship was at its tail end. Him and his ex had a kid together.

Well okay cool man with a kid, I don’t discriminate.

Wait… what? You have 2 kids with 2 women? 🤔

Huh? You’re divorced with one kid’s mom and breaking up with the current one? 🤔

But during this time we were not in a relationship, not a fuck buddy no, nothing. We were 2 friend that talk and made each other laugh. That was it plain and simple.

But later on it did lead to that shit. Fuck buddy, drinking partner, what ever you wanted to call it. Booty call it was that.

As we became friends, feelings grew. When im into something im committed. One V-Day I planned a lunch at a BBQ spot. Well he bailed said he was going to have lunch with his mom. Who knows because I knew he was a compulsive liar at this time, a recent single male. Who the fuck would settle to get into another relationship right? Well, coming to find out he was still talking to the ex, matter of a fact he would send her “home videos” bollywood porn video. They were prob still fucking. He also would text past girls he spoke to, one also being married and apparently she wasn’t happy in her marriage.

I knew all the dirt, all the skeletons everything you can think of I knew.

2012 it lead into a relationship.

First year was good, I compromised, I adjusted my whole life so that his kids were comfortable. He moved into my small ass in-law at my parents house. I was fine with this, BUT as the years reviled itself. The relationship was jist getting dug deeper. There is a way put but there actually isn’t.

He’s what you call a Basketball Jones. A Basketball Jones is…

“An obsession with the sport of basketball. Kids who play the game and only think of the world in terms of basketball and their potential success at it.”

This guy eats, shits, dreams, and prob jacks off to it, can play ball the whole day. I accepted that.

My complaints of our relationship was only this:

QT = Quality time

QT with me, QT when the kids are around or QT with the dogs.

That was the hardest thing to get. We can get all the material shit in the world but we never couldn’t get undivided attention. We all fought for time, and it was 2 things in between time. The cellphone OR ball.

Ill this day its the same.

I get it he is self employed, he needs to be on the phone 24-8. But doesn’t being self employed mean you make your own hours? It was he thought he was self employed but he doesn’t know how to manage time or the business. I’ll leave it at that.

So lets fast forward, we traveled, had dates, enjoyed and so on. I went back to school… let me slow down here. I went back to school to just add something on my career backpack. During that time working full time, rushing from work to school and being at school till 10:00PM Monday – Thursday. He expected me to:

  1. Cook
  2. Clean
  3. Watch the kids
  4. Clean after the dogs

Okay well what the fuck? Do I not wake up at 7am to go to work at 8am, get off at 5pm to rush to school for my class at 6pm, go home at 10pm to do homework till 3am to do it all over at 7am?

That should have signal me off as a red flag better get the fuck out already. That this man is a fucking spoiled little mama’s boy. Who isn’t going to be a positive figure in my life or any of our future kids we we chose to have any.

Fast forward to 2014… we’re pregnant!

To be continued….